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Are you still headache for the rising of labor costs and increasing of spending?
Are you still worried about the quality and effect of ordinary power line processing equipment?
Are you still headache for the processing output of power line?
Are you still worried to look for a professional power line automation equipment?
Select 4 Mori good mechanical advantage
The most powerful company will bring you more confidence

① It hasTwelve years of experience specializing in manufacturing intelligent automation machinery,It has the industry's most advanced technology
② Owned the invention patent, design patent, new practical patent and other 39 National Patents
③ Our machines have been exporting to the international markets of Germany, Italy, Brazil, Britain, Thailand and other foreign countries.

Sen good mechanical strength of a solid, giving you the confidence to have two years of professional experience in manufacturing intelligent automation machinery
100% ensure for our high quality product

① Adopted with advanced import parts to ensure the mechanical operation can be more stable and service life much longer
② Continually introduce the advanced technology of Germany, Italy, Japan to create high efficient automation equipments
③ Rich professional knowledge and strict quality management make the mechanical products more refined and more quality

High cost performance, let you tempted

① Our company is committed to develop the equipments of labor saving, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and intelligent
② Old for new service will let you get the best machinery with the lowest budget

Perfect after-sales service, let you rest assured

① All machinery is free warranty for one year. Reply immediately after receipt the feedback of breakdown and arrange a resolution within 24 hours
② Lifetime Maintenance and enjoy preferential parts supply and high quality service.
③ Upon receipt of goods, there are professionals on-line training, commissioning, operation and ordinary maintenance matters.


Dongguan Senjia Machinery Co., Ltd founded in 2004, formerly known as Senda precision machinery factory, due to the development need to be registered in 2009 Sen Jia Machinery Co., Ltd. This is a company specializing in the development, design, production and sales AC.DC plug lines and end of the wire processing automation equipment, high-tech enterprises.

  • ECM國際認證證書ECM certification
  • 實用新型專利證書Utility model patent
  • 外觀設計專利證書Appearance design patent
  • 發明專利證書patent for invention
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Re wiring the button line
The machine is not blowing
The reason is the electromagnetic valve or relay work is not often
Don't shave tin tin
Tin ash should be every day a clean-up. Tin quality differences, some tin produced man…
Line mouth less than tin
Check lines penetrated into tin. If there is immersed in tin, and then check the line …
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