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    Industry News
    Turkey international metal wire and wire & cable show in 2015
    Source: Time:2016.05.07 Number:
    Held in the same period: the ninth Turkey international pipeline, pipe, pipe fittings and machinery and Equipment Exhibition (BORU) in 2015.
    Exhibition time: 2015 03, 26, 28, -03
    Exhibition venue: Istanbul Turkey Exhibition Center
    Exhibition cycle: two years
    All relevant units:
    Approved by the China Council for the promotion of international trade, Pudong, Shanghai branch will be organized to participate in the March 26, 2015 -3 28 held in Turkey wire exhibition.
    Exhibition introduction:
    In 2015 the first turkey metal wire will in 2015 March 26 to 28, held in Istanbul, Turkey, exhibition center, held concurrently with the 2015 at the ninth session of the Turkish international pipeline, pipe, pipe fittings and mechanical equipment exhibition is Turkey only professional pipes and pipe fittings, has been successfully held the eighth. 2013 show: 2013 183 exhibitors, including 111 international exhibitors, accounted for 61%, international exhibitors from 23 countries, including 33 Chinese exhibitors, accounting for 30% of the exhibitors; and 2011 the seventh exhibition compared to an increase of two times. Professional audience of more than 10000 people, of which 87% for the domestic audience in Turkey. With China's pipeline industry output, as well as the continued expansion of the Turkey market, there will be more and more Chinese enterprises to participate in this professional exhibition.
    Group units introduced:
    Pudong CCPIT is China International Trade Promotion Committee of the local chapter is Pudong commercial Commission of the directly affiliated institutions, mainly in order to promote foreign trade as the purpose of the foreign economic and trade promotion agencies. I branch based in Pudong, for Shanghai and the surrounding area, through a variety of foreign trade service to promote all kinds of ownership enterprises to exploit the international market. Services include organized international exhibition and conference, investment and provide legal services for economic and trade and so on.
    I Division is the only one in Pudong New Area has the qualification of holding exhibitions abroad unit. I clubs international exhibition department from the enterprise develop overseas market needs of on overseas exhibition as a platform, make full use of smooth external communication channels and a wide range of business partnerships to help enterprises to go abroad to understand the international market, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting foreign trade. Every year we from point of view of the series, professional arrangement next year plans of exhibition in abroad, to recommend a number of exhibitors effect, reasonable costs of international famous exhibition exhibitors, for enterprises, including procedures for personnel going abroad handle, exhibits transportation, foreign reception and business activity arrangement and so on. The full range of overseas exhibition services, to the greatest extent satisfy the enterprise exhibitors demand.
    Exhibits range:
    Tel wire: mainly display wire bolt, rivet, spring, wire rope, steel wire, building industry, the metal wire, welding materials, automobile industry, other applications, wire machinery manufacturing and finishing, fasteners, a spring, a welding electrode manufacturing machinery and tools, steel wire rope, steel mesh, barbed wire, chain making and screw / screw machinery, processing machinery and auxiliary equipment, detection and control technology, and other related fields.
    Cable: wire and cable manufacturing and processing machinery; stranding machines; wire and cable products, cable materials; fasteners and spring processing and manufacturing machinery; fastener (screw, nut, pot nails, meson, etc.) and spring products; welding and electrode production equipment; special wires and cables; inspection of measurement and control equipment and technology, the quality of engineering and equipment; lubricants and cleaning equipment; auto industry integrated wiring system.
    Tubes, pipes and pipe fittings manufacturing machinery, pipe processing machinery, welding machinery, tool making and in plant transport machinery, tools, auxiliary materials, iron and steel tubes and accessories, stainless steel pipe and accessories, non-ferrous metal pipes and accessories and other pipe (including concrete pipe, plastic pipe, Tao Zhiguan), measuring and testing technology, environmental protection device;
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