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    Industry News
    International wire rod exhibition 2015
    Source: Time:2016.05.07 Number:
    United States International Wire fair 2015
    Exhibition time: April 28, 2015 -30
    Venue: Atlanta, Georgia World Convention and Exhibition Center
    Sponsor: International Wire Association (WAI)
    All relevant units:
    Approved by the China Council for the promotion of international trade, Pudong Shanghai branch will be organized to participate in the April 28, 2015 to 30 international wire and cable exhibition held in Atlanta, USA.
    Exhibition introduction:
    U.S. International Wire Fair (INTERWIRE 2015) was founded in 1981, with a total area of 10500 square meters square, held in the United States over the years. Exhibition is divided into two part of exhibition and conference, the exhibition are held every two years, is North America electric wire and cable industry's largest professional exhibition, world wire industry as well as the largest exhibition of, famous Germany Dusseldorf international wire exhibition is symbol of the exhibition a success. It is the world's largest gathering of wire, cable and optical fiber industry, and is recognized by international experts, is a bridge with the world's cable industry technology communication.
    International Wire exhibition organizers is the international wire Association (WAI), the association was founded in 1930, is the industry's strong appeal of the industry organization. In 2009 the show for the first time in Cleveland, Ohio, held due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the economic downturn, the exhibitors than the previous decline, however, this session of the exhibition still from close to more than 20 countries nearly 400 enterprises to participate in, professional buyers from dozens of countries and regions; from the beginning of 2010, with the recovery of American economy, 2013 the exhibition attracted 4523 professional buyers come, 2011 compared to the same period increased by 15%, visitors from 56 countries and regions. The exhibition is enterprises to enter the important opportunities for U.S. and North America, South America, and hope enterprises Yong Yue to enroll.
    Group units introduced:
    Pudong CCPIT is China International Trade Promotion Committee of the local chapter, Pudong New District Economic and Trade Bureau subordinate institution, mainly to the promotion of foreign trade as the purpose of the foreign economic and trade promotion agencies. I branch based in Pudong, for Shanghai and the surrounding area, through a variety of foreign trade service to promote all kinds of ownership enterprises to exploit the international market. Services include organized international exhibition and conference, investment and provide legal services for economic and trade and so on.
    I Division is the only one in Pudong New Area has the qualification of holding exhibitions abroad unit. I clubs international exhibition department from the enterprise develop overseas market needs of on overseas exhibition as a platform, make full use of smooth external communication channels and a wide range of business partnerships to help enterprises to go abroad to understand the international market, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting foreign trade. Every year we from point of view of the series, professional arrangement next year plans of exhibition in abroad, to recommend a number of exhibitors effect, reasonable costs of international famous exhibition exhibitors, for enterprises, including procedures for personnel going abroad handle, exhibits transportation, foreign reception and business activity arrangement and so on. The full range of overseas exhibition services, to the greatest extent satisfy the enterprise exhibitors demand.
    Exhibits range:
    1, wire manufacturing and finishing machinery: wire manufacturing, welding technology and equipment, cable manufacturing, fasteners, spring manufacturing and finishing machinery;
    2, wire and cable, optical fiber cable special machinery;
    3, auxiliary processing materials and wire rod, bar and other products;
    4, raw materials and special cable;
    5, measurement and control technology, testing engineering and experimental equipment;
    6, wire and cable accessories, cable connector and connector;
    7, cable related fields: transformer, electromagnetic, electrical products, electrical fittings, wire coil.
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